Where to find great Judaean-Biblical coins:


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Philip, year 15 CE (GBC 534 - TJC 101)


30 specimens listed







 1.1 H-534 obverse dies 

1.1.1 Die O1: Composite picture:


This die is the same one as the obverse die used 3 years before for striking the H533 mint (see the picture at the right), dated "LIV" on the reverse (year 12 C.E.). This obverse die, initially cut for striking H533 coins, has been re-used 3 years later to strike also H534 coins! It probably explains the reason why, on coins, the best preserved H533 obverses are better than the best preserved H534 obverses.




1.1.2 Die O2: Barbaric variety


. 2.1 H-534 reverse dies 

2.1.1 Die R1


2.1.2 Die R2 Very small pediment. There is a small hole in the right area, above the "Y", visible on each specimen.


2.1.3 Die R3 Long "I" in the date. The 3rd specimen also shows the same obverse die as the H533 specimen shown above.


2.1.4 Die R4


2.1.5 Die R5


.2.1.6 Die R6 Apparently, there is no dot on the pediment.

2.1.7 Die R7 The last letter of the inscription ("Y") ends on top, right, above the temple.

2.1.8 Die R8: Variety: Barbarous die

2.1.9 Die R9: Variety: The inscription begins on top, left, above the temple.

2.1.10 Die R10: Variety: Apparently, this is the single die where the letter "L" is not upside down! (left area)

2.1.11 Dies R11 to R17

Each of the following specimens has been (apparently) struck by a different die.



The following specimens cannot be classified due to their poor state on the reverse:




. 2.1 F countermark 


 2.2 Star countermark 



 2.3 F and Star countermarks 


 2.4 Other countermarks 

Countermark A


Countermark B


Countermark C